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Christopher “Chase” Carey, MBA – Chief Mind Warrior, 2nd Degree Black Belt, whil. Certified Mindful Leader, 2017

Founder & Owner
Christopher “Chase” Carey spent 20 years in Corporate America’s Health Insurance and Consulting industry, in significant positions.  In 1998, as a VP of Underwriting for Aetna, Inc., he contacted the Chief Medical Officer telling him of the benefits of Meditation and other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) techniques.  He offered to help the company become a major force in bringing these techniques to the health insurance industry and the people it took care of.  He received a courteous reply admitting it all made sense but that he was simply “too far ahead of them.”  17 years later Aetna started teaching its employees to Meditate. aboutuschase

. In the 1990’s his Meditation work began at The Monroe Institute in Virginia. He participated in 6 week-long programs, which are 24/7 immersions into deep Meditative states and guided exploration within them. The training enabled him to re-enter any number of Meditative states, near instantaneously, at will, anywhere, anytime, including at work while solving complex problems as a career insurance executive.  He can teach you to do this too. He also trained with Karen Malik, MA and Harvey Grady of the Center for Human Consciousness and others.

Chase teaches his personally developed Advanced forms of Meditation:  Inner Essence Meditation(TM), Professional Meditation(TM), and Stress Domino Stress Reduction Meditation(TM) and is a Certified Meditation Teacher for the Sarah’s McLean’s Simple, Easy Every Day Meditation (SEED) Method(TM).

Chase became a “whil. Certified Mindful Leader” in 2017.

  • MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING. In September 2012, after experiencing treatment during a surgical hospital stay that Chase considered “not appropriate,” he vowed to himself that he would never let anyone take advantage of him again. So pursuing a 25 year dream, he entered the local Taekwondo School and signed up for Black Belt training – which scared the living daylights (polite phrase) out of him! He was out of shape, overweight, and recovering from abominable surgery but he was not about to be defeated. He trained and is currently training under Master Mark Burns, 6th Degree Black Belt, who is a 4 time World Champion and has trained over 1,000 Black Belts and over 100 Martial Arts Instructors. Chase also trains under Mr. Jonathan Chapovsky, 4th Degree Black Belt and Full Instructor. Both of Karate Atlanta (which are ATA Taekwondo training schools.)

    A little less than 4 years later as he was training to test for his 2nd Degree Black Belt, he began to ask himself how he could share with others what he had learned during his rigorous training in Martial Arts. Several months later “Mind Warrior Training – Learning to Think and Act Like a Black Belt – Secrets From Afar!” was created.

    He is an Author, Chasin’ Meditation, Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Ghost Writer, Certified Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Certified Master Scuba Diver, Tactical Firearms Enthusiast, and works as an Extra in TV and Movies (Drop Dead Diva, Necessary Roughness, Satisfaction, A&Es COMA, and more).  He received his MBA from Villanova University (where he is a Guest Lecture) and BS from Penn State University.

  • Annah Kate Gillette, Chief Trouble Maker, Senior Trainer-In-Training

    Business Partner
    Annah does our marketing too, so don’t worry. But, she does like to shake things up and teach people to take control of their own lives! You will not be the same person after you have trained with her – you will marvel at your transition and your boss will not recognize you! She was born in North Carolina and moved to New Orleans shortly after her birth. After studying Marketing and Management at the University of Mobile, she saw the “light” and moved to metro Atlanta to become a Southern Belle, by the Grace of God. (Northerners, don’t be scared – we consider this to be a good trait!). After school she began work in corporate America, doing rather well. annahkate There, she became a big believer that people, through Corporate America, can and will change the world; all they needed were better tools to self-develop their people. The stress and the personality of politics eventually left her less than enthused, so she struck out on her own, running a health and wellness franchise. Annah brings with her significant experience in marketing, management, and has a unique ability to help people get what they want as well as what they need, the latter most often being missed by people. She is an award winning model, an entrepreneur, and is now teaching 1 Billion people to Meditate by 2025. She is engaging, charismatic, and she will win you over with her smile. Once you hear what she has to teach, she will win over your hearts and minds too.

    Jonathan Chapovsky, 4th Degree Black Belt, Mind Warrior

    Professional Team
    Jonathan is one of the most remarkable professionals we’ve ever met and he is just 20 years old. Mr. Chapovsky has been training in Martial Arts for more than 17 years, which means he started his training in weapons use before he started playing with Legos! He is a Taekwondo Instructor and Program Manager for his school. Jonathan teaches others how to protect themselves physically but his real passion is in teaching and transferring his life skills and leadership abilities to others. How can he do this at such a young age? We ask ourselves that ever day. It seems like magic but we know it is much more than that!”

    Aubrey Jordan, RYT (Yoga Alliance), 2nd Degree Black Belt, Chief Yoga Teacher, Talisman

    Professional Team
    Aubrey is a Hair Stylist, turned Black Belt, turned Registered Yoga Teacher, turned Mind-Warrior-In-Training. She was born in New Orleans and moved to Metro Atlanta shortly after her birth. She became interested in hair styling early on and found she had special talent for it. Unusually, her passion began as a desire to help people to be just as beautiful on the outside as they were on the inside. She was quickly hired by corporate America when L’Oreal USA (a division of Matrix) nabbed her to be in charge of their training in the Southeastern US. In 2008 Aubrey began her exploration into Yoga starting with just a set of DVDs and then in 2011 she began taking formal lessons. In 2015 she dove all in to full time RYT training at Johns Creek Yoga (Shelia McVay, Founder). She describes the process of Yoga training as one of pulling yourself apart and then putting yourself back together in a better way. She goes on to describe that such a process is analogous to opening a jigsaw puzzle box, finding some pieces face up, some face down, and some you’d swear did not belong in the box at all. But they did. She teaches her students how to spill out all these pieces and to put them back together just perfectly. Aubrey asks us: “When do we ever give ourselves permission to do this? Allow me to help you do just that – all I’m asking in return is your commitment to self-improvement and maybe a whole lot of sweat too.”aubrey-jordan-smiling-face Aubrey brings with her a powerful yet gentle, healing, and intuitive touch to all her students. She has a remarkable talent for bringing to you exactly the thing you should be working on at that exact moment, taking you by your hand and guiding you through this most important part of your journey. You will come out of it in a whole new world with a whole new sun shining down on you. It is no wonder her Spirit name is Mindful Eagle. You may also reach out to her at www.MyMosaicHairStudio.com and www.JohnsCreekYoga.com and we recommend you do.

    Asha Lightbearer, Chief Energy Healer

    Professional Team
    Asha is a Singer/Songwriter turned Energy Healer and Intuitive. She is a singer/songwriter who has used music as her healer her whole life through. Especially as a teenager, music was the method she used to express and to get the hurt out of her body. She found she could write things in lyrics that she could never say aloud in a conversation. No questions asked. As an adult she would go to play piano in the wee hours of the morning when her heart was hurting the most. You may find much of her music for free at www.ashalightbearer.com/discography. Asha is a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist and a Personal Empowerment Coach. She is the Music Director for One World Spiritual Center and moonlights at a radiology informatics company as a Project Manager during the week to support her thirst for music. She spends most of her free time with her son at his motocross races and taking him back and forth to the ER!Asha-Lightbearer

    Cathryn Marhsall, MSW, Double Author, Speaker, Fitness Expert, Director at What Women Want Networking

    Professional Team
    “Cat” Marshall has a longstanding commitment to changing lives through effective exercise and high standards of nutrition. She has 18 years experience as a personal trainer and nutrition counselor. She is passionate about treating the body, mind and spirit. Additionally, Cathryn is a fitness and nutrition motivational speaker as well as the author of the book, Simple Fat Burn. Cathryn is a fitness professional, educator, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about health and fitness education for adults and children. As a catalyst for positive change, she has devoted her life’s work to helping others make fundamental improvements to their health and well-being. Cat Marshall