I don’t want to learn to meditate because i like my religion

My good friend his Holiness the Dalai Lama recommends that everyone consider trying Meditation, in fact, he would like everyone to Meditate, but he does not want people to change their “traditions.” (okay, okay, I have not yet met His Holiness, the Dalai Lama).

Because Meditation has been something much discussed in the West, there are bound to be uncertain attendees when their company offers Meditation. The very first thing I tell these wonderful participants is this:

I do not want you to change your religion, change your job, or change your spouse when you start to Meditate. (I often get the goofy, “Well, what if I WANT to change my spouse?” More often than not, the asker’s spouse is thinking the EXACT SAME THING).

Meditation’s purpose, its sole purpose, is to help you improve your life. That may very well mean you will change some things along the way, such as releasing stress, easily becoming creative, and being able to problem solve like it’s child play, but it does not mean you need to replace things in your life. This is an important and big distinction.

Now, as you Meditate regularly, you will begin to understand that not everything you’ve been taught by your parents, teachers, preachers, religious leaders, and government officials is true – SHOCKER! Much of it is because they shared what they were taught, and much of it is that they shared their best guess at how they thought life operated and they wanted you to learn and to be safe. And of course, in any large group of people, there is going to be a baddy or two. Get over it but do not do what I did: I threw the baby out with the bath water. Stupido! I reacted to my new found knowledge instead of responding to it. It took me nearly 15 years to reopen myself to things I had been taught when I was young. Namaste from Alpharetta, GA.

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