Inner Essence Meditation (TM) (ADVANCED)

I offer several proprietary forms of Advanced Meditation and an accelerated stress release model.  Here are two of my most popular trainings: The Inner Essence Meditation(TM) and the Stress Domino(TM) model for stress release.  All forms of Advanced Meditation are Accelerating forms of Meditation that will bring positive results to you life much more quickly a basic daily Meditation.  With acceleration comes a bit of internal disruption, and a few of our students encounter a few speed bumps along the way but love the results.

Inner Essence Meditation(TM)

The Inner Essence Meditation provides the Meditation student with the ability to dialogue directly with their subconscious mind at will. This is an extremely Advanced model of Meditation but is remarkably easy to use.  With this Meditation it only takes about an 20 minutes of preparation to get started and then the training is enhanced with on site Meditation experiences. I refer to this Meditation as a Global Access Meditation because the subconscious mind holds all thoughts and emotions.  This is important because everything you are afraid of, every preference you have, even how you feel about each and every thing and each and every event in your life is processed and held onto here. Because of the duality of men and women, we model the subconscious mind as being composed of two primary consciousnesses (you can also use the term “awarenesses”):  Male Essence and Female Essence.  The Male Essence tends to demonstrate the male tendencies of power and the female the female tendencies of love and compassion. There are four primary attributes or skill sets found in Inner Essences:
  • 1.  Outerspacial – meaning Intelligence
  • 2.  Angelic – meaning the Altruistic helping of others
  • 3.  Devic – meaning deep connection with Nature
  • 4.  Elemental – meaning focus on Creature Comforts (eating, resting, exercising, sex)
An Inner Essence will have one or more of these attributes which directly affects your life, and is certainly at the core of your strengths.  We all know people who demonstrate extremes, such as those that are highly intelligent but seem to have few life skills beyond that and those who are highly angelic in their deep commitment to helping others regardless of their own circumstances. How does developing still at internal dialogue help you?  Remember that Inner Essences house all your experiences as well as the thoughts and emotions around all your experiences PLUS they have their own attributes and preferences.  This means:  you help them, they help you. Personally, I have used Inner Essence Meditation to help me with a big range of things in my life:  finding the right math equation to solve a problem at work, determining why I was so shy about asking a woman out on a date, and understanding how to improve professional and personal relationships.  

Could significant improvement in a like area of your life benefit you?  Would it be a significant competency for you?  Probably and Darn Right!