Meditation posture

Okay, there is a LOT of misinformation around the correct Meditation posture. I’LL go through some of them and then give you the big reveal at the end as to what THE correct posture is….ready, let’s go.

Sitting on a solid floor, spine erect and perfectly straight, shoulders back, chin back, hands in lap holding the appropriate mudra. Eyes gently closed. Are you uncomfortable? If yes, perfect!. You’ve attained the perfect Meditation posture and you are now the coolest person in the office. You’re also likely remarkably uncomfortable and spend more time thinking about how hard it is to keep this posture than you are about quieting your mind.

But you look cool! And Meditation is, after all, about looking cool. Or maybe it’s about something else altogether. Any Chiropractor worth their weight in zafu’s (you’re looking up “zafu” right now, aren’t you?) will tell you that a straight and erect spine is the best way for your body to transmit and receive electrical signals to and from your brain. And they would be correct. As well, a straight spine is also a great way to help your energies move (medical science does not talk about such things – you would need to speak with a professional in healing sciences).

BUT, see, the thing about Meditation is Meditating, not not Meditating because you are not doing it right. I learned to Meditate first at the Monroe Institute in VA, where, by necessity, you have to lie down (they use audio technology to put participants into very deep Meditative states in about 20 seconds; yup, 20 seconds). If we had not been lying down, we would have fallen over.

My students Meditate two different ways, primarily, as there are always variations: in corporate settings, most sit in chairs and some sit on the floor 85/15); off site, most lie down, but some sit up as described above (again, 85/15). And guess which group tends to have deeper Meditations and more break through’s? If you said, those lying down did, you are absolutely correct! (You get two karma credits for a right answer). Why the others ask? Because the participants lying down are more relaxed and therefore less distracted.

Do beginning Meditators who lie down fall asleep? You bet, much more so than those that sit, but they work their way through that by practice. BTW, because I learned to Meditate lying down, I can be so relaxed that my body falls deeply asleep and begins to snore (much to my wife’s chagrin), BUT, my mind is still perfectly alert in a Meditative state. I can actually hear my body snore if I move my attention to it.

So, if wearing the coolest workout clothes gets you to the gym, wear the coolest workout clothes. If being comfortable gets you to Meditate, be comfortable. Namaste from Alpharetta, GA

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