Mind Warrior Training

Mind Warrior w/ Karate Board Breaking Training:

MIND WARRIOR TRAINING with KARATE BOARD BREAKING- this is our newest and most exciting training and speaking series. Chase is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and shares with your team the secret ways that Black Belts and Martial Artists think and act differently from most others. For thousands of years a very special few disciplined and dedicated beings have risen to Black Belt status. Today, as then, most people will not become Black Belts but that does not mean they cannot think and act like one and therefore achieve remarkably better results in life. This training includes Meditation Training.
This training transfers important knowledge, moves people through their fears, and motivates teams. It fully engages the entire team in each individual’s success. It is a very exciting, engaging workshop.
One of the key Axiom’s of Black Belts is: “Never say “CAN’T, because you might be right!”. When Martial Artists change they way they think, they must then express their new way of thought through their physical bodies so it becomes muscle memory. We demonstrate this with our participants by having them break an actual KARATE BOARD in front of the entire group – facing their fears dead center, right up front, but with the full encouragement of the entire group. This is a remarkably imprintable experience for the group.
(Board breaking is optional).

PRICING is very similar to our other trainings. For a customized quote, shoot us an email at info@chasingmeditation.com; if you’d like, tell us how many people will attend (Board Breaking is ALWAYS optional – but it is completely one of the coolest things you and your team will ever do!!) and we will send you a customized quote. If you prefer, email us and we will set up a short introductory call with you to discuss what your team’s needs are. And YES, everyone who Breaks a Board gets to KEEP their Boards!

WARNING: This training is so effective, that once experienced, should you ever attempt to enter a building where weapons and firearms are prohibited, you will be required to LEAVE YOUR MIND AT THE DOOR!
This is Chris Grigalunas, Race Car Driver, Pounding Through His First Karate Board!
This Is Atlanta SWAT and Bomb Squad Sargent Neil Welch SMASH Through His First Karate Board!