Stress Domino (Advanced)

I offer several proprietary forms of Advanced Meditation and a Stress Release Model. Here are two of my most popular trainings: The Inner Essence Meditation(TM) and the Stress Domino (TM). All forms of Advanced Meditation are Accelerating forms of Meditation that will bring positive results to you life much more quickly a basic daily Meditation. With acceleration comes a bit of internal disruption, and a few of our students encounter a few speed bumps along the way but love the results.

Here is the Stress Domino(TM)

The Stress Domino is a proprietary Advanced model that teaches students to pinpoint and eliminate the actual cause of Stress. Most people know when they are Stressed and by what (losing a job, financial challenges, compromised health and the like) but they really do not understand the underlying causes. You see, three things have to happen for someone to be Stressed: The Stress Domino is named as such because once participants realize the hidden, underlying causes of stress, and work with the model, their stresses will fall away from them like falling dominoes. Domino Effect – Standing Black Tiles Isolated On White Background[/caption]There are three parts to the method which are best done in a Meditative state but can also be done when fully awake: 1. The Three Conditions Required for Stress to Exist; 2. The Three Universal Illusions/Lies We Tell Ourselves That Permit the Conditions in #1 to Exist; and 3. The Three Universal Truths We Need to Replace the Lies with. Let’s look at each:

The Three Conditions Required for Stress to Exist:

  • There has to be a threat to some aspect of the person;
  • There must be an Active (activated) Fear; and
  • There must be a perception of Uncertainty.
From here, the technique gets quite interesting. It delves into the three Illusions (lies) that we tell ourselves and then teaches the student to replace the Illusion (lies) with the three Universal Truths. There are three UNIVERSAL ILLUSIONS which are lies we tell ourselves. Most of these we first meet in childhood and then are reinforced later in life through jobs, politics, schools, religion, and advertising. Although these are not correct truths, but lies disguising themselves as truths, do not mistake their power and control over everyday life.


  • You are absolutely ALONE and not connected to anybody or anything. You are separated from love;
  • There is a very limited amount of everything that exists. If you do not get it and get it now, there will not be enough left for you; and
  • You can be harmed or killed.
In using the Stress Domino you will learn to recognize these illusions for what they are (bullshit) and you will let them go. But life does not like a void so we will replace them with the three UNIVERSAL TRUTHS that the ILLUSIONS hide from you.


  • All people and all things, particularly you, are connected to each other in a continuous stream of energy (LOVE);
  • There is more than enough for everybody, including you, regardless of how much or what specific things (including jobs) that other people have; and
  • You can never be harmed and you can never die. At some point your body may wear out or stop working due to disease or injury, yet your energetic you will always exist. Many people refer to the energetic you as your soul.
The steps to the Stress Domono model are shown in table form in the Free Downloads section of this site. It can also be found on pages 92 and 93 of Chasin’ Meditation.