Technology Assisted Meditation

We offer patented Technology Assisted Meditation using The Monroe Institute’s HemiSync(TM) Technology.  This is where I began my Meditation training in September of 1993.  Here they use audio technology to induce deep Meditative states in mere minutes (these tones can also induce lighter and moderate Meditation states which I will often use during my own Meditations). Use of this technology is completely optional, and it does cost a little more to use it than not, but using it will catapult you into a calm, relaxing Meditative state within minutes.

They do this by introducing two separate sounds in each ear.  When this happens, two things happen immediately:

  • Both sides of your brain, as measured by EEG’s, become synchronous, meaning both sides of your brain, for the first time that day, are doing the same thing as the same time (see the graphic below); and
  • Your brain hears the arithmetic difference of the two sounds.  If, for example, the two sounds were 100MHZ and 108MHz your brain would hear 8 MHz (108 – 100 = 8).  And “8” might mean a deep Meditative state, or a light Meditative state, or it may mean sleep or high alertness.  The thing to know is, the audio technology puts you where you want to go, effortlessly.
Two of the more remarkable things about this technology is that: 1. the technology does the hard work for you; and 2. I can train you, once you are exposed to the different Meditative states via the technology, to re-enter those Meditative states at will, anywhere, anytime, without the technology.  In Meditative lingo, we call this really cool stuff! Please click on the white box with the two brains to learn more about this Technology from The Monroe Institute and the blue-purple box with the woman to purchase CD’s (about $20) directly from The Monroe Institute’s product arm, Monroe Products.