Training Programs/Speaking/Pricing

We offer training programs for professionals.

Most all of our Meditations are Guided and many use Guided Imagery.  (Guided Meditations are about 100X “better” than non-Guided and Meditations using Guided Imagery are about 1,000X “better” than just Guided. Both these techniques significantly enhance the Meditator’s experience, delivering results (Stress Reduction, Creativity, Focus, and Problem Solving) much, much more quickly.  By better, we mean, more effective and faster achievement of positive change.


Trainings are held at client’s place of business or meeting venue.  They can be held elsewhere, such as Destination Trainings, by request.

A Great Starting Place is with our “Graze and Gain” Introduction (aka, Lunch and Learn)

Graze and GrainOur Most Popular “Starter” Hands-On Introduction.

MINDFULNESS TRACK – this is about our participant’s getting to switch from a very noisy, cluttered Outward-Focused life to a quiet, intuitive Inward-Focused Life. Participants learn why this is so important, how it’s beneficial to themselves, and why it is being taught in the #1 Business School in the US and is viewed as a critical business behavior. We include about 20 minutes of explanation, share real-life examples from business all while participants eat their lunch, and then go on to engage in participant-included exercises. The bad news is NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED – WE KNOW THAT’S HARD!! Priced at $397 for groups up to 15, $597 for 16 – 50, and priced upon request for groups larger than 50. (We ask you to provide the nutritious meal or snacks!) We promise you RELAXATION, STRESS RELEASE, AND FUN. No sense making this hard..

MEDITATION TRACK – this is about our participant’s getting comfortable with themselves and with themselves Meditating. We include about 20 minutes of explanation and example all while participants eat their lunch, laying out the 3 Steps to a Perfect Meditation, how to relax the body, quiet the mind, and a bit about how Meditators’ effectively combat STRESS, and why it is being taught in the #1 Business School in the US and is viewed as a critical business skill. (Wait, do your employees deal with STRESS? They do? Okay, good: read on). Then we make everyone get into a Meditation posture, put their hands into Mudras (those funny finger to finger hand positions), and then, as a group slowing chanting out loud, 3 deep “OMs!” At this point, everybody laughs, similes, and start to relax – which is exactly the whole idea! We spend the rest of the Graze and Grain in a Guided Meditation, where participants learn to go into their Meditative states, following an easy process which they can take with them. Priced at $397 for groups up to 15, $597 for 16 – 50, and priced upon request for groups larger than 50. (We ask you to provide the nutritious meal or snacks!) We promise you RELAXATION, STRESS RELEASE, AND FUN. No sense making this hard.

We have two Basic Introductory Training Mindfulness and Meditation Programs:

1.  Introduction/Basic 1.5 Hour – Here we explain and DEMYSTIFY Meditation, teach participants step by step instructions, and focus on 1) Deep States of Relaxation/Stress Reduction/Stress Control, 2) Balance, 3) Critical Thinking, 4) Mental Toughness, and 5) Inspired Creativity.  This is a lot more information than most expect, but it helps take out all the ambiguity around what Meditation is and how to Meditate.  This workshop includes one 20 minute Meditation.  Priced at $117 per attendee, $127 with a signed copy of Chasin’ Meditation.

2.  Introduction/Advanced 3.0 Hour – this includes all of the Introduction/Basic material and Meditation plus two additional 25 minute Meditations including training in the Advanced Methods of the Stress Domino (TM) and/or the Inner Essence Meditation (see that tab on this site – it is well worth the read.)  Think of Advanced forms of Meditation as Results Accelerating forms of Meditation.  With these Meditations you will take very specific steps to address specific needs (Stress Reduction, Creativity, Subconscious Mind Dialoging…); many students experience near immediate release from challenging issues and learn a solid method to address future concerns.  Priced at $197 per attendee, $207 with a signed copy of Chasin’ Meditation.

Individual Mindfulness and Meditation Training Sessions:

Precisely tailored to your specific goals as a Professional. Priced at $997 for a package of 5 one-hour training’s or a per session fee of $227. The five-session package includes a signed copy of Chasin’ Meditation.

Professional Mindfulness and Meditation Training Programs:

Consists of 3 modules completed over 3, 4-hour half days.  Priced at $1,997 per attendee, including a signed copy of Chasin’ Meditation.  Each student will leave class with a significant and deep introduction to Meditation.  Many report a widening of their world view and possibilities.  We simply call it a mind stretcher!

Day 1 – We teach the use of Technology Assisted Meditation using The Monroe Institues’s HemiSync (TM) audio technology.  This technology will put attendees into deep and profound states of Meditation within minutes (guaranteed); use of the Transparency Meditation (TM) to help heal relationship (living or not living) conflicts, grief, anger, and archetypes; and use of the Stress Domino (TM) technique to truly explore and understand the hidden causes of Stress.  This technique will greatly accelerate the attendee’s ability to eliminate the stress they are under as well as to avoid future stress as it tries to arise.

Day 2 – We teach the Inner Essence Meditation (TM) which is direct dialoguing with a person’s subconscious mind.  This technique is a form of Meditation that provides an easily repeatable methodology to improve a person’s performance in life (work and personal) in several key areas:  Problem Solving, Stress Reduction (even “better” than the Stress Domino), Creativity, Focus, and Clarity.  We will use this technique to deepen connections with the subconscious mind, improve rapport, creating and negating agreements, and of course, problem solving.  There will also be practice on directly dialoguing with Higher Consciousness and Guides.

Day 3 – We focus on the Healing aspects of Meditation.  This includes an introduction to Energy Bodies (Etheric, Astral/Emotional, and Mental/Thought) and how they interact with the physical body.  Students will explore Fears (“glamours”) and Illusions in the energy bodies and how to clear them directly. Approximately 1/3 of the day will be spent in a healing circle that will include singing (don’t worry – we do not ask for solos – it’s all group).  Each student will also be required to present a pertinent subject for 15 minutes.  Past students have presented a variety of things:  guiding the class through a Meditation already published, guiding the class through an original Meditation they wrote, or presenting research results pertinent to their interests. Why a focus on Healing?  Most people do not realize that most internal resistance/conflict is more effectively and quickly resolved when the underlying issue is healed.

Mind Warrior Training:

MIND WARRIOR TRAINING with KARATE BOARD BREAKING- this is our newest and most exciting training and speaking series. Chase is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and shares with your team the secret ways that Black Belts and Martial Artists think and act differently from most others. For thousands of years a very special few disciplined and dedicated beings have risen to Black Belt status.

Today, as then, most people will not become Black Belts but that does not mean they cannot think and act like one and therefore achieve remarkably better results in life. This training includes Meditation Training. This training transfers important knowledge, moves people through their fears, and motivates teams. It fully engages the entire team in each individual’s success. It is a very exciting, engaging workshop. More Information Here: More on Mind Warrior Training

Executive Training / Executive Team Training (Mindfulness and Meditation Track or Mind Warrior Track):

These training’s are custom tailored to the organization’s needs and pricing is offered after discussion. Here we focus primarily on Business Problem Solving using Advanced Meditation techniques. For those Executive Teams new to Meditation, there will be a thorough introduction to Meditation techniques to create deep states of relaxation and stress relief. Several methods focused on Problem Solving, including the use of Monroe Institute’s HemiSync (TM) Technology Assisted Meditation, the Inner Essence Meditation (TM), and Remote Viewing-like techniques are included. These training’s can be done at the corporate location but are often best done off site, well away from the normal place of business and home. There will be 10 hours of pre-work assigned to be completed prior to the training as well as a pre-training conference call (depending on the number of participants, anticipate 25 minutes to 40 minutes). For individual Professionals, anticipate a starting fee of $4,997 and for Executive Teams, anticipate a starting fee of $12,977.

Competition Crusher / Gladiator Training for Executive Teams:

The details to this training are so secret, we can’t put them on our web site. And the fees? Beyond exorbitant. Few calculators have that many digits…

Black Belt Master Training for Executives:

You start with a 2 year commitment to yourself and to me. Mind, Body, Spirit. From there, your life starts to get hard. You will cry, you will curse, you will stretch yourself, you will eat food no human should ever have to eat, you will sweat bullets every time you see me, you’ll sleep with two eyes open, and you’ll fear your dreams. And you will love it. Like nothing else you could ever possibly do. Cost? Forget cost. Just bring us the deed to your 2 favorite houses.


Training – $4,997 up to 6 hours; Keynote – $8,997